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The Wealth Design Group* team is powerfully trained in the Matson Method - a highly disciplined approach to asset allocation and long-term wealth creation. Through the continuous pursuit of financial academic theory and the application of empirically tested academic investing science principles, they are committed to creating a profoundly meaningful and rewarding investing experience where families can access financial peace of mind.

We work together with Matson Money to revolutionize the investing industry.

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Mark Matson
About Matson Money

Matson is an Investor
Coaching Company.

Matson Money empowers investors to stop speculating and gambling with their life’s savings and pursue investing peace of mind. The company is built on empirically tested academic investing principles with real life impact. In knowledge, there is power, and Matson Money is designed to help every investor know what they are doing with their money, and why.

Matson Money provides breakthrough education, tools, and coaching that helps families transform their financial futures.

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